About Abide International

Abide International is a general construction firm specializing in federal government contracting. We have delivered hundreds of federal government projects since 1985.

Federal Government Experience

Abide International provides prime contractor repair and alteration construction services on fully occupied federal facilities. Abide has extensive high-rise, demolition, hazardous materials, heavy civil and military construction bid / build and design / build project experience. We have task order contracting vehicles, significant bonding capacity, and the experience needed to successfully execute challenging construction projects.

24/7 Commitment

Our project experience is very diverse. Abide International serves federal government agencies with demanding, around-the-clock missions that require precise project control, delivery and execution. Whether we are helicopter hoisting mission-critical mechanical equipment on top of a 20-story high-rise in downtown San Francisco for the FBI, installing nuclear weapon sensors at Arizona Border Stations for the Department of Homeland Security, or constructing railroads for the largest US Army munitions storage facility in the Nevada desert, our projects have two common factors: they are highly visible and can not fail. That’s why our proactive management philosophy identifies risks and establishes associated mitigation procedures before projects begin. Reactive problem solving after the fact is not an option.

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